Local Electrician in Philadelphia, PA

Founder Joe Voci has been dedicated to electrical services for most of his life. Upon graduation from high school, he attended trade school and became a licensed electrician certified to work in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware in 2001.

After several years in the industry, Joe noticed that large contractors had a tendency to overcharge customers and abuse technicians, sacrificing quality for quantity. This resulted in unsafe and overpriced work that lacked the personal relationship people want in an electrician. As a technician who took pride in his work and the local community, it was his own father’s training and certification that finally made starting his own family owned and operated business a possibility.

In 2005, Joe started JDV Electric out of the need he saw for safe, quality, family-oriented electrical services both in the industry and community. He was finally in a position to provide a reputable service that homeowners could trust to think of them as the top priority.

JDV has come a long way in the past decade. From its humble beginnings in 2005, they’ve grown to serve Philadelphia, as well as its surrounding communities—and even into New Jersey and Delaware. In that time, while the business has grown, the mission has never strayed from the original principle. JDV Electric has and will always be the reliable family electrician business that puts homeowners first—regardless of the team’s size.

Not Your Average Local Electrician

JDV’s local electricians are committed to providing the latest technology and techniques for the betterment of the community. Each and every technician is subject to rigorous training and certification, as well as background checks to ensure that your home is kept safe and secure.

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We provide a wide array of electrical services, including safety inspections, upgrades, installations, and repairs. When you work with JDV, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the very best electricians. To schedule, call (215) 995-2066 / (610) 364-5099.
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