The Importance of an Electrical Meter in Philadelphia

Your electrical company provides your home or business with all of the electricity you need to stay operational. That’s why it’s important to track your usage with both efficiency and safety through a fully functional electrical meter to ensure that you are being charged correctly from month to month. In addition to accuracy, it’s important that your meter is properly grounded and bonded, as any other part of your electrical system. The experienced and knowledgeable experts at JDV Electric know the importance of having a properly installed and maintained electrical meter, to accurately reflect the power consumption of your home or business.

Why Should I Upgrade My Electric Meter?

There are many unrealized benefits to a new meter, such as:

  • Convenience: Many new meters eliminate the need for a technician to manually read them, meaning they don’t need to find a time when you’re home.
  • Newer technology: Old meters are less accurate and slower when it comes to reading your consumption, and a new meter can actually help the power company receive real-time data and reduce the risk of blackouts and other risks.
  • Affordability: In addition to being more accurate, newer meters can allow for dynamic pricing, raising or lowering the cost of your bill based on demand.
  • Responsibility: Better technology means less dependence on power plants, curbing greenhouse gases and other pollution. In addition, fewer technicians on the road means fewer auto emissions.
  • Safety: As a component usually placed outside, today’s meters are more sturdy and replace dangerous glass and metals with safer insulated materials.
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