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Fuse Box Upgrades

Fuse Box Upgrades will ensure you no longer have to endure the stress of blown fuses. In a city like Philadelphia, many residents are familiar with having to change out a blown fuse. When your circuit is overloaded, you have to open the box and replace the one that is burned out, taking time out of your day. Often, this can happen when you least expect it, and there are even times when you need to make a run to the store for a replacement fuse.

The Benefits of Fuse Box Upgrades

Many don’t realize it, but a fuse box serves the same role as a circuit breaker in preventing power overloads or shorts– it merely represents older technology that can be more inconvenient and dangerous. Normally present in older homes, fuse box are now under-performing with today’s current electrical needs.

Fuse Box Upgrades

When compared to fuse boxes, circuit breakers are:

  • Safer – The flick of a switch is much safer than removing and adding electrical equipment
  • Economical – Breakers require little maintenance or replacement parts
  • Efficient – By cutting off the power flow immediately, there’s no danger of energy loss
  • Convenient – When testing, you can trip and reset your breakers to find circuits

The energy need in today’s world is much higher than in the past. A circuit breaker can handle all of the demands in today’s society, such as computers, home entertainment, appliances, and even electric vehicles. Even if your home already has a circuit breaker it may be worth the upgrade to keep up with your home’s ever-growing energy demands.

A home energy assessment from JDV Electric will help to determine the advantages of upgrading your equipment. Our electricians will carefully go over your home’s consumption and circuitry, providing answers and suggestions along the way.

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