Back up Your Home with a Generator Installation

Power outages can occur for any number of reasons in the home. While many of these can be remedied by changing a fuse or resetting a breaker, the solution is not always so simple. Sometimes, severe weather or blackouts can affect homes and leave you without power for days at a time. In Philadelphia, homes and businesses depend not only on a complex grid, but are subject to all four seasons and the worst that Mother Nature has to offer.

In occasions where power is lost, a backup generator installation from JDV Electric can help to keep your home not only running efficiently, but at full capacity to make sure you don’t miss a step.

The Benefits of a Backup Generator

By having a standby generator installed, you could save thousands of dollars by keeping your home running, preventing:

  • Wasted Perishables: replacing food in refrigerators and freezers can be costly and time consuming, and means you’ll have to find another solution until the power comes back.
  • Costly Hotel Stays: a room for your family could cost hundreds of dollars a night, which can quickly add up. You’ll also prevent the stress of having to stay with friends or relatives.
  • Frozen Pipes: in the winter, your pipes can freeze and rupture, leaving you without two valuable utilities. The repairs can cost thousands, and pose a serious health risk.
  • Basement Flooding: a powerless sump pump means that water will back up into your basement, meaning that you may have to pay thousands to clean up, remodel and replace any valuables.
  • Security Concerns: a well-lit home is a safe home. In the event of a widespread loss of power, be sure that you deter any crime or home damage with both your interior and external security lighting intact.
The benefits of a standby generator installation from JDV Electric are endless. For an investment that will recover the cost of purchase, contact us online or call 215-995-2066 / 610-364-5099 today!