Electrical Safety Inspection near Philadelphia PA

Electrical Inspection Services for Your Safety

Your electrical system is one of the most intricate features of your home. Every day, you rely on a complex network of wires, switches and transformers to deliver power to any location exactly when you need it.

While it may seem simple to flick a switch and see the light, there are some dangers associated with improper installation or degraded quality equipment that can go unseen. These hazards can result in multiple complications, such as:

  • Loss of property value
  • Fire damage
  • Danger of electrocution
  • Damage to expensive appliances
  • Prolonged power loss

Getting an Electrical Inspection in Your Home

An electrical home inspection from JDV Electric will provides a complete assessment of your home’s electrical setup, making sure all hazards are avoided and grounding is secure. All of our technicians strive to make sure your home not only meets, but exceeds safety standards set by building codes.

There’s no bad time to get an electrical inspection, but if you can’t remember when the last one occurred, it may be time to give JDV a call. Some other recommended times to schedule an inspection:

  • New home purchase
  • Unexplained increase in energy bills
  • Addition of major appliances
  • Before and after building renovations

At JDV Electric, all of our electrical professionals are licensed and insured to the fullest extent. Every inspection includes a detailed, 48-point checklist that not only covers areas needing immediate attention, but also recommendations and potential upgrade sections. When we’re finished, you’ll receive a printout of our findings, which we’ll review with you and help determine what the next course of action should be.

Give yourself the peace of mind that goes along with a properly wired home. Contact us online or call JDV Electric at (215) 995-2066 / (610) 364-5099 to schedule your inspection today.