Enhancing Your Philadelphia Home with Recessed and Track Lighting

When you’re looking to highlight the unique aspects of different rooms in your home or office, few installations can go as far as recessed and track lighting. JDV Electric has been Philadelphia’s most reliable and effective lighting expert, and can provide an efficient and cost-effective installation of track lighting, recessed can lighting, and energy efficient solutions that are perfect for:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Areas
  • Bedrooms
  • And Many More!

A Wide Range of Lighting Options and Features from JDV

Our lighting installation experts have experience with every type of indoor lighting imaginable, and can help you in choosing the right fixture for the features you wish to highlight in your home or office. When you’re ready to experience fast, reliable service, call JDV Electric today! Depending on whether you need recessed or track lights, you can depend on:

Space: A well-placed lighting source can add volume to any room, creating the feel of more space.

Weight: Lightweight fixtures allow for quick installation that won’t cause any damage to walls and ceilings over time.

Versatility: Track lighting allows the homeowner to adjust the source of light to highlight an exact area, making it easy to adjust to any changes in the home.

Efficiency: Today’s lighting technology allows for more lighting at a fraction of the energy used in standard light bulbs, meaning effectiveness will increase without having to pay for it!

Trust the JDV Experience for

  • A safe work environment with clean up after the job is complete
  • Work done by certified technicians, with the National Electrical Code in mind
  • The latest in energy and utility saving technology
  • A wide range of residential lighting products and services
  • Tips and suggestions to maximize performance
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed on every lighting installation!
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