Philadelphia Residential Electrical Repair & Installation

Residential electrical services near Philadelphia PA

When you’re experiencing electrical issues in your home, you want a repair service you can trust to get you back online right away. JDV Electric’s residential electricians know that letting electrical issues persist can waste money, reduce comfort, and create a safety hazard in your home. That’s why we’re a full service residential electrical service provider in Philadelphia and all across the Delaware Valley. Whether your home is experiencing a last minute emergency or simply needs an electrical tune up, JDV has you covered.

For years, JDV has been Philadelphia’s source for worry-free and dependable service. Regardless of the job size, you’ll always enjoy the benefits of:

  • A complete assessment to help locate problems and warning signs
  • A convenient, in home estimate with no hidden costs
  • Friendly, certified and experienced technicians
  • A focus on protection against electrical fires, surges and shock
  • A clean & safe work environment
  • Tips and suggestions for maximum efficiency and savings

When in Doubt, Call the Professionals

In today’s homes, our daily interaction and reliance on electrical equipment means that we know more than ever. But as complex systems involving large electrical capacities, your electrical setup has many hidden features that can cause trouble if gone unchecked by the experienced professional. We perform every type of electrical service imaginable, including:

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When you want the very best residential electrical service for your home, look no further than JDV Electric. Our wide range of electrical services will take care of any installations, repairs, inspections, or upgrades you need. Let JDV bring you the peace of mind you want in the comfort of your own home! To schedule, contact us or call (215) 995-2066 today.

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