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With an investment as large as a home, there are many common threats to safety that are important to address. Perhaps some of the most important are the ones that aren’t immediately obvious to the naked eye – when there are dangerous pollutants in the air, a carbon monoxide or smoke detector installation from JDV Electric can help to save lives.

Smoke Detectors

While not all fires are caused by electrical malfunction, it’s always important that you can detect a fire as earlier as possible. By having JDV provide a state-of-the-art smoke detector installation, you could shave valuable seconds off your alert and response time.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Of all the potential hazards in your home, carbon monoxide is one of the most dangerous. As a lethal poison that is both odorless and invisible, it’s incredibly difficult to detect without a working carbon monoxide detector. Often used in conjunction with smoke detectors, a carbon monoxide detector installation can save lives in your home or business.

While maintaining and installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home seems like a relatively simple task, they are integral to your safety and peace of mind. Furthermore, it’s very important that they are installed by an experienced professional to ensure that you are depending on a fully functional and reliable product. To ensure that you are always protected, JDV Electric offers some tips to maintain your equipment after we’re gone:

  • Always keep fresh batteries in the detector, as well as a spare set on standby
  • Test your detectors regularly to make sure it is working
  • Practice evacuation plans to ensure your family is prepared
  • Maintain and change air filters regularly to avoid tripping the sensors
Whether you’re not sure how to maintain it or you simply don’t have the time, call on JDV Electric for all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detection needs. To schedule an appointment, contact us online or call 215-995-2066 / 610-364-5099 today!