Philadelphia Whole House Surge Protection

A power surge is an unpredicted spike that hits your electrical system. When this surge is large and sudden enough, it can actually overload your entire system, causing damage to equipment, and even fire and safety hazards. Some of these most common surges are caused by:

  • Downed power lines
  • Fluctuations in power usage from nearby businesses
  • Power cycling of large devices in the home
  • Heightened periods of multiple appliance usage
  • Older homes or improper wiring
  • Lightning strikes

With a JDV Electric safety assessment and whole house surge protection, you can protect your valuables in the event of a spike.

Getting Your Home Surge Protected

Since every home’s electrical setup is designed to handle a specific capacity, there are many different situations and degrees to which a surge can cause damage. When large surges occur, the risk of danger also increases. This could result in the deterioration or damage of:

  • Kitchen and small appliances
  • HVAC, laundry, and heavy appliances
  • Computers containing sensitive data
  • Home entertainment systems

Protecting Your Home with JDV

When you call JDV Electric to address your whole house surge protection needs, you can always expect:

  • Knowledgeable & experienced electricians
  • A complete home assessment to determine your needs
  • Recommendations for maximum protection
  • A clean, safe & friendly work environment
  • Quick installation with 100% guaranteed satisfaction

Surge protection installation from JDV will provide the security and peace of mind you need to safely run your equipment and avoid costly repairs.

The Benefits of a Professional Ceiling Fan Installation

While the installation of a ceiling fan seems like an easy do-it-yourself project, it can actually be quite complicated. By having JDV install your fan, you’ll avoid the risk of:

  • Shock & fire
  • Improper wiring
  • Costly repairs
  • Uneven installation
  • Missing parts

Experience the Difference with JDV Electric

Perhaps one of the most satisfying benefits of running a ceiling fan in any building is the savings you’ll see on your energy bill. By keeping the temperature constant, your thermostat will be able to get a more accurate read of the climate and put less effort into adjustment. This benefit is present all year long, as it works for both cool and warm air.

When you’re ready to upgrade or have home surge protection installed, call JDV for the fastest, friendliest, and most effective service in Philadelphia! To schedule, contact us online or call 215-995-2066 / 610-364-5099 today.