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Benefits of Whole Home Surge Protection

Surge Protection is a great way to protect your home from any unpredictable spikes that hit your electrical system. If a power surge is large and sudden enough, it can actually overload your entire system, causing damage to equipment and fire and safety hazards. Here’s some information about power surges and what you can do to prevent them.

What Causes Power Surges?

  • Downed power lines
  • Fluctuations in power usage from nearby businesses
  • Power cycling of large devices in the home
  • Heightened periods of multiple appliance usage
  • Older homes or improper wiring
  • Lightning strikes

How Do Home Surge Protectors Work?

We rely on electricity for countless aspects in our everyday lives. Think about how often you use electricity – from simply turning on the lights to streaming a favorite show after work. Of course, your electric system delivers electricity from the grid to the various points of use in your home. However, it has to be guided into and through your home in a way that’s safe and doesn’t put you, your family and your property at risk. Power surges can increase that risk, as they can cause appliances to burn out and can even result in electrical fires.

Surge protectors on your outlets aren’t the same as whole home surge protection. Regular surge protectors don’t actually provide sufficient protection when it comes to sensitive equipment like computers. What’s more: They burn out quickly, which makes them ineffective after just a few power surges. So how can you make sure your home is protected? Simple: You install a whole home surge protector. A basic whole home surge protector is installed close to your electric service box and wired to it so it can protect your home’s electrical system at the source. In most cases, it costs between $250 and $500 (excluding labor).

How Home Surge Protection Defends Your Home

  • Power surges outside the home: These include lightning strikes, although they only account for five percent of all power surges. They also include over-voltages from your utility provider. Since electricity escapes to any place it can, a whole home surge protector will stop the power surge before it can enter your home’s electrical system.
  • Power surges inside the home: Heat-generating appliances you use within the home can also cause power surges. They’re small and almost unnoticeable, but over time they wear down the devices that are connected to the electrical system. This happens because the heat degrades the components. As a result, the reliability of the devices is compromised, and their lifespan is shortened.

How JDV Can Help

We want to make sure that your home and appliances will be protected in the event of a power surge. This is why we are offering $50 Off whole home surge protection. With humid summer weather comes thunderstorms and high winds – with a JDV Electric safety assessment and whole house surge protection, you can protect your valuables in the event of a spike.

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