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Top 3 Tips for Keeping your Electrical System Working Safely

  • Sep 27, 2017
  • By Matt Seidell

Keeping your electrical system working safely is no easy task for a homeowner. When buying their first house, many people don’t realize all the hard work goes into making sure that things run smoothly. Routine maintenance and upkeep are necessary to make sure that your electrical system is in top shape. Knowledge of how things […]

5 Tips to Prepare Your Electrical Systems for Winter

  • Aug 15, 2017
  • By Patrick Prendergast

Electrical systems can take a beating during any season. The winter season is nigh, and with it comes snow, harsh winds, and quite the drop off in temperature. While it is important to ensure that your heating system is in top shape and your plumbing is properly protected from freezing temperatures, you may overlook the […]

Carbon Monoxide: 7 Warning Signs

  • By Patrick Prendergast

Carbon monoxide is never to be taken lightly. More than 400 Americans die from carbon monoxide poisoning each year and over 10,000 more require medical treatment for symptoms of illness brought about by excessive exposure to carbon monoxide gas. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent and predict this silent threat. Here are 7 warning signs that […]

Service Panel Upgrade: Does Your Electrical Box Have You on a Short Fuse?

  • By Patrick Prendergast

A service panel upgrade is not exactly the first thing on any homeowner’s mind.  Unbeknownst to you, your electrical panel can wear out and need to be replaced just like any appliance.  It may just be time to consider upgrading that service panel, effectively increasing your home’s energy efficiency and bringing it into the modern […]

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