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Child Proofing Your Outlets – Is It Really Necessary?

Is it really necessary to childproof your outlets? The plain and simple answer is: YES! Several children are treated in emergency rooms around the country every year as a result of harm done by electrical outlets. Whether you have children of your own or friends and family bring their kids over to visit occasionally, childproofing is certainly worth it. Not only will the children in your home be safe from dangerous injuries due to unprotected outlets, but you will have peace of mind knowing they’re protected.

What Are Chilproof Outlets?

Chances are, unless you’re familiar with the design of outlets, you won’t be able to tell the difference between one that’s childproofed and one that isn’t. Even though they don’t look much different at all, childproof outlets have a spring loaded cover over their electrical contacts. This causes they to retract when the pins of the plug are pushed back. Regular outlets don’t have a cover at all, making it easy to stick their little fingers inside the holes or jam other foreign objects in.

What Objects Can Actually Fit Inside an Outlet?

You’d be surprised just how many little objects can fit into the tiny holes of an outlet. Kids are clever, so it’s important to take as many precautions as possible. Bobby pins, jewelry, knives, paper clips – no small items should be left unattended.

Benefits of Childproof Outlets

The first and foremost benefit of childproofing your outlets is safety. However, there are many other benefits to an installation:

  • Awareness. We often plug in appliances and then simply walk away and forget about them. This is common, but what we don’t realize is that it can be a potential fire hazard or danger for children. Installing childproof outlets increases awareness and prevents careless use.
  • Secondary safety. Childproofing your outlets encourages proper use, so your kids will learn to safely use outlets.
  • Pet protection! Kids aren’t the only ones that crawl around on the floor! Childproofing your outlets helps to protect your pets as well.

Now that you know all of the benefits of childproofing your outlets, what are you waiting for? Call JDV Electric today to schedule your service!