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Dimmer Switch Installation

Dimmer Switch Installation is one of the best lighting options for any home. It controls the current that is sent to any light fixture, allowing you to control the amount of light in any room. It is this control that makes it a popular option for homes of all ages and sizes, as their unobtrusive installation is cost effective and provides striking results.

JDV Electric’s experts have installed switches and fixtures in every type of building imaginable around Philadelphia, and is your go-to source for dimmer switch installation.

What is a Dimmer Switch Installation?

Most switches you encounter are traditional single pole light switches, which have two settings: on and off. In these, power is allowed to either flow to the fixture at full capacity, or not at all. With a dimmer switch installed by JDV, you are no longer bound by these two options. Instead, you can use a dial or level to control the amount of energy flowing to a fixture, which can bring benefits such as:

  • Ecological friendliness
  • Custom mood & atmosphere
  • Extended bulb life
  • Energy & utility savings

At JDV Electric, our professional installers will bring lighting enhancements to any home or business in or around Philadelphia. We have experienced working with all types of fixtures.

Dimmer Switch Installation

Dimmers Can Be Installed to Work In:

  • Lamps
  • Chandeliers
  • Home theaters
  • Theaters & Auditoriums
  • Bedrooms
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants

Every installation will include:

  • An in-home installation estimate
  • A job done right in the first visit
  • Only the most certified, licensed technicians
  • A secure & sanitary workspace
  • The latest equipment & technology
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction


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