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Electric Car Charging Station Installation In Your Own Home

If you have an electric or hybrid car, then you know how often it needs to be charged and where to go to power up. here at JDV Electric, we not only have you in mind, but the environment as well. As electric cars become more and more accessible to purchase, we want to make the transition as easy as possible for you. As gas prices continue to rise, people are searching for alternative sources and greener methods of mobile transportation. Electric cars are a step in the right direction to benefit the planet, so to help those making the switch, we can install a charging station in your own home.

Things to Consider

When you make the switch to an electric vehicle, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration. If you need to charge your car, how close is the nearest charging station? Even though they’re becoming more and more available, you still need to be prepared as they aren’t as readily available as gas stations.

What if you need to go somewhere immediately? What if there’s an emergency situation and you need your vehicle? Depending on how long your car needs to charge, it may not reach a sufficient level when you need it most. An electric  car charging installation can eliminate this problem. By having JDV install a charger in your very own home, you will be ready to go at all times!

Level 1 Charger vs. Level 2 Charger

Electric chargers are available in different levels. A level 1 is a charging system where you car is plugged into a regular outlet in your home. A level 2 charger uses a dedicated charger in order to charge your vehicle. It provides your vehicle with double the voltage as a level 1, and can charge you home about 10 times faster. A full charge from a level 1 takes roughly 18-20 hours to complete. With a level 2, you can get a full charge in 2-4 hours. Not only is a level 2 more convenient, it can make your travel schedule a lot easier and more convenient. Both levels are compatible with all models.


Ideally, you want your electric car charger to be located as close to your car as possible. If you park your car in a garage every night, that’s the perfect spot. A hardwired system will need to be wired to the closest electrical box in your home, as distance can affect charging.

Making the switch to electrical transportation is easier than ever, and JDV can help you make the switch. For questions about an electric car charging station installation, call JDV Electric today!