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Electric Car Charging Station Installation

Electric Car Charging Station Installation is a great way to charge your electric car quickly and affordably. As electric cars become more and more accessible to purchase, and with gas prices rising, more people every day have found themselves looking at the greener mobile alternative. If you decide to make the switch from gas to electric, one of the first things you would need to start looking into is the location of nearby charging stations in your area. Your car most likely will be able to charge via a conventional plug in your home, but that’s a lengthy process by itself. In that regard, the majority of electric car owners end up having to leave their car charging overnight so it is ready to go by the morning.

The question then becomes one of immediacy and sustainability. What if there is an emergency and you need your car while it’s charging overnight? What if, you forget to give it sufficient time to charge? Well, fret not because JDV Electric offers home EVSE, Electric Vehicle Service Equipment, installation with one simple call. We’re also here to answer a few common questions you may have regarding a home EVSE.

I Keep Seeing Level 1 Charging and Level 2 Charging. What Does This Mean?

Level 1 Charging is simply electronic vehicle technical- speak for plugging your car into a standard house outlet. It implies charging your car at a 120v range. Level 2 Charging means using a dedicated charger, whether installed in your home or found in public, to charge your vehicle. This charging option provides double the voltage supplied by the Level 1 option, coming in at 240v. So, by considering a home EVSE installation you are therefore considering Level 2 Charging.

How Much Quicker Is Home EVSE Level 2 Charging Compared to Level 1?

While the exact number is heavily dependent on your vehicle, the average rule of thumb comes in at around 10 times quicker. To put this into perspective, to get to a full charge from empty to full via a Level 1 connection on average takes about 18-20 hours. On a Level 2 connection, this time is reduced significantly to around 2-4 hours. The difference in times taken can vastly affect schedule planning and daily routine.

Where Should I Get My Charging Station Installed in My Home?

Ideally, you’ll want the charging station as close to your car as possible, most likely within your garage. If you’re getting the station hardwired, though, it will most likely need to get wired to the closest electrical box in your home. The farther away that electrical box from your garage, the longer it will take to connect the charger to that box.

Does My Electric Car Support a Level 2 Home Charging Station?

Virtually all electric cars support Level 2 EVSE, from a Tesla to a Volt to a Leaf.

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