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Electrical Financing Services

Electrical Financing Services can provide a great opportunity to update your home. While providing efficient and affordable electrical services is always our goal, not every job is a small one. That’s why, when you’re hit with an unexpected electrical repair or installation, JDV Electric offers convenient financing options to keep your power—and your finances—from taking a hit.

Whether it’s an emergency or a planned project, you may be eligible for a financing solution when you work with JDV on service changes, lighting control systems, new lighting installation, and service. Due to the nature of the financing agreements, our options are currently only available for residential clients only. For other options, please feel free to call and speak with an experienced electrical services financing expert today!

Electrical Financing Services

While our financing options are available for your convenience, all financing is subject to credit approval, with a minimum monthly payment required. For more details or to discuss your eligibility, don’t hesitate!

We offer financing solutions for all of our services. Discover fast in-home credit decisions and low monthly payment opportunities with approved credit for your next plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, or other home service when you work with JDV professionals:

Our provider, Synchony Bank, offers a wide variety of promotional financing offers designed to fit specific financial needs. Find the promotional options available to you listed below:

  • Plan 600– Reduced 9.99% APR and fixed monthly payments equal to 1.25% of promo purchase amount.
  • Plan 604– Reduced 7.99% APR and fixed monthly payments equal to 2.00% of promo purchase amount.
  • Plan 602– Reduced 5.99% APR and fixed monthly payments equal to 3.00% of promo purchase amount.
  • Plan 605– Save cash by deferring interest during the promotional period! No monthly interest if paid in full within 18 months.

These offers only apply to purchases made with a Synchrony bank credit card. Apply for yours today!

Call our JDV Electric finance experts for information on our Electrical Financing Services today!