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Same Day Electrical Repair

Electrical Troubleshooting should be left in the hands of only the most skilled and seasoned professionals. There is no one more proficient at electrical troubleshooting than the professionals at JDV Electric. With our 24 hour response time and same day service availability, our master-class electricians are ready to take to the front lines and fight that uphill troubleshooting battle for you! JDV Electric has been providing fast, safe, and efficient electrical troubleshooting to Delaware County residents for over 15 years while maintaining an impeccable reputation of integrity and orderliness.

With Any Electrical Troubleshooting Job, You Can Expect That We’ll Inspect Your:

  • Panel Box
  • Wiring
  • Electric Meter
  • GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets)
  • Wall Switches/Outlets
  • All of this in addition to what you need repaired/serviced!



Recurrent JDV Electric Repair Services Include:

  • Ceiling Fan
  • Light Fixture
  • Light Switch
  • Electrical Outlet
  • Circuit Breaker
  • GFCI Outlet
  • Three-Way Switch
  • Doorbell
  • Wire

Problems that would cause any of these job-calls to go out are never an easy fix, but JDV Electric can guarantee an upfront and honest price for any of our electrical troubleshooting services. When dealing with many other contractors, especially in cases of emergencies, will sneak in surprise fees and last-minute figure changes. Especially when things aren’t in writing, its almost impossible to figure out if you are being fairly and justly charged for any electrical troubleshooting work that goes into a problem. With JDV Electric, we can guarantee an upfront quote in writing that eliminates the problems with ambiguous fees and charges. Before any work is done, we can provide this upfront quote so you know what you’re paying for throughout the process. Its so easy for other contractors to keep their prices ambiguous when it comes to electrical troubleshooting, but JDV Electric can pinpoint the issue and provide a clear quote that won’t blindside you when the work is done.

With JDV Electric, Electrical Troubleshooting Is As Easy As:

  • Figuring out why it isn’t working
  • Building a quote on paper for you
  • Providing our same day service to get that issue fixed
  • Working safely and efficiently
  • Leaving you fully satisfied with the problem solved

If you have any pesky electrical problems that need professional help, do not hesitate to call JDV today and ask about our Electrical Troubleshooting!