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GFCI Installation

GFCI Installation is essential when keeping your home or business safe. There are many useful applications for a well-placed outlet in your home or business. But while a skilled electrician can place a receptacle just about anywhere, did you know that there are specific types of outlets that are built for safety and functionality in given locations?

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do for your protection is invest in a GFCI installation. Short for “ground fault circuit interrupter,” a GFCI differs from a fuse in that while a fuse is designed to prevent fire and circuit overloading, a GFCI is designed to prevent electrocution on the part of users themselves.

GFCI Installation

GFCI Installation may be especially useful in the following areas:

  • Kitchens & Bathrooms: particularly near sinks and tubs, a GFCI will prevent electrocution from accidentally dropping appliances or splashing water.
  • Laundry Rooms: with appliances as large as washers and dryers, a leak could be fatal if the equipment isn’t properly grounded. Also, with wash basins typically nearby, this is always a good idea
  • Outdoors: it’s always a good idea to replace outlets near hose bibs with a GFCI, in case wires become frayed and get wet. In addition, if you’re ever working with tools and a sudden rain shower occurs, these can prove life-saving.

GFCI outlets are a quick, affordable solution that prove invaluable in saving lives around the house and office. And in the event of the circuit actually tripping, they can be easily reset and maintained, working just like a regular outlet would.

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