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Improve Home Safety and Curb Appeal With Landscape Lighting

Are you looking for a way to transform the appearance of your home – while adding curb appeal and safety? If so, you should consider landscape lighting. It can make a huge difference in your homes outdoor areas, all while keeping it safe and secure for your family. Here are some benefits that landscape lighting can bring to your home:

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

  • Functionality. With landscape lighting, your time outdoors doesn’t have to be cut short. No sun, no problem! Enjoy your yard and property long after the sun goes down.
  • Curb appeal. Outdoor lighting illuminates your home and increases your curb appeal. Certain types of lighting can add emphasis to your home, but it’s not limited to buildings. Trees, shrubs, and statues can be enhanced as well. The possibilities are endless.
  • Decor. Different lights have different colors and settings, so you can customize your outdoor lighting decor.
  • Comfort. Have you ever wanted to sit on the deck or porch and read a book or relax? Landscape lighting extends the space and comfort of your home to the outdoors.
  • Safety. Perhaps the most important feature of landscape lighting is that it helps to keep you safe both inside and outside of your home. When your home is well lit, it’s much less likely that a thief or intruder will target your home. The illumination will give you peace of mind as well knowing that you can see your surroundings.

How JDV Electric Can Help You

For the rest of the month, we are offering $150 off any new landscape lighting installation of eight or more light fixtures! Landscape lighting isn’t a one-size fits all project, so we offer a range of lighting options to best suit you and your home. When you work with us, you can choose from:

  • Floodlights
  • Path lights
  • In-ground lights
  • Recessed lighting
  • Sconces
  • Pendant lighting
  • Spot lights

We care about the way your house looks and how safe you feel within your house. We’ll also give you an up-front quote of the work that needs to be done before we even start. Safety, speed, and efficiency are our number one priority with any jobs we take.