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Motion Sensor & Security Lighting

There are a number of excellent exterior lighting options currently on the market, many of which offer multiple features. JDV Electric wants to make sure the exterior of your home is as secure as possible. Homeowners should evaluate their outdoor lighting, and determine if additional or updating lighting would bring value to the home. In addition to improving a home’s security, exterior lighting can make it far easier to unload groceries, care for pets or get the kids settled into the car after dark. Many options are motion-activated, and some even offer high tech features such as a security camera that can be accessed remotely. Here are a few suggestions from JDV Electric regarding what to think about regarding exterior lights and where they should be located:

Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion triggered lighting provides the perfect storm for any prospective intruders lurking around the outskirts of your house. Under the cover of darkness, their eyes have adjusted to the night and are able to spot things quicker than someone who may be stepping out into the darkness for a second to let the dog out. Now imagine how surprised/blind-sided these intruders get when, out of the blue, they are blasted with a bright LED bulb. They are temporarily blinded as their eyes attempt to adjust to the change in lighting, and they are most likely going to flee immediately because of this. Motion sensor lighting should be considered your go-to first line of defense in dealing with potential intruders.

Where to Put Them

Any immediate entrances to your home should be covered by some sort of exterior lighting. Motion sensor lighting ideally, but at the end of the day, any lighting will do. One may think that having an entrance well lit will invite intruders to those specific locations, but on the contrary, they actually help to dissuade those intruders. They will be much less prone to head to any entrance that puts them under immediate light and visibility that will reveal them to passersby or neighbors.

Out of Reach

Security lighting, from flood lights to motion sensors, should be high enough up that they are out of immediate reach from prospective intruders. Putting them within reach will only make it easier for intruders to dismantle them or remove their bulbs. By putting them out of reach, you’ll increase the likelihood that the intruder will be spotted while he/she goes out of their way to try and reach the light.


Intruders are most likely not going to try and head to your house without doing some research. By turning lights on and off routinely every night, any intruder may get a good sense of when they have a window to plan something. By setting lights to timers and being a bit unpredictable with your lighting habits, intruders will be much more likely to move on, as they will be unable to predict any concrete window to try something on your home. JDV Electric cares about you and your family and strives to make sure you are protected at all times of the day.

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