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Security Lighting Fixtures That Keep Your Home Safe

Home safety is one of the biggest concerns for homeowners – and it should be! Home safety starts in the home with electrical inspections, but you need to consider safety outdoors as well. Accidents and crime are both real -life possibilities, so it’s best to do everything in your power to prevent them from happening.  Here are a few ways that security and safety lighting can help you: 

Exterior Lighting

What do you do if you hear something outside, but you’re not sure exactly where it is? Usually, you have to walk around your home switching on your porch light, backdoor light and other lights one by one — giving whatever person or critter that’s out there out there plenty of time to scurry away. Exterior lighting can be interconnected to one main switch, illuminating your outdoors with a simple flick of a switch. If you have a security camera system in place, the quick lighting will allow you to view the footage with ease. 

Sensor-Activated Lighting

Pests and burglars alike prefer to work at night. When the area surrounding your home is dark, it’s far more likely that they’ll go unnoticed. After you install sensor-activated lighting along your driveway, nobody will be able to come near your home undetected. The second your driveway gets disturbed, the lights will turn on. This will also be very beneficial when you return home at night or after dark! You’ll no longer have to carry groceries or try to navigate your way to the door in the dark. Sensor activated lights aren’t limited to your driveway, either. Porches and side doors are a great spot for installation as well!


Another major deterrent for burglars is the presence of residents in the home. After all, an empty home is a much softer target than one where the family is watching TV in the next room. To make it look as if you’re home even if you’re not, install a timer on your interior lights. That way, any burglar observing your house will think you’re home.

How JDV Can Help

There are a number of excellent exterior lighting options currently on the market, many of which offer multiple features. JDV Electric wants to make sure the exterior of your home is as secure as possible. Here at JDV, we want to make sure that you’re as safe and secure as possible in your home or business! For top notch security lighting installation in the Lansdowne area, give us a call.

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