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Straight Forward Pricing

Straight Forward pricing is one of the many services JDV is proud to offer our clients. One of the most frustrating and stressful aspects of hiring a contractor is the cost. Especially in an emergency, you can be hit with an exorbitant bill that factors in every single action and time taken. Without anything in writing prior to the job, it’s almost impossible to take an inventory of everything done and ensure you are being fairly charged.

With electrical service form JDV Electric, we ensure that you will receive a quote up in writing before any work is performed, which is what you’ll pay when we’re done.

With every electrical service job from JDV, you can expect:

  • No Surprises: With every job pre-priced, you can be sure that your price paid will represent the job done—no extended hours or last minute changes will figure in later.
  • No Sales Push: With a price given on the spot by a technician, you don’t have to worry about being “upsold” on any job. Since we use only quality parts, you’re already getting the best available!
  • No Hidden Prices: What we quote when we arrive is what you’ll pay. There are no hidden transaction fees or costs of labor that’ll show up on your final bill.
  • No Wait: By offering upfront pricing, you’ll be able to pay right away. With all of our services pre-priced, there are no calculations or calls that need to be made. When we’re done, you’re done!

Straight Forward Pricing

With the peace of mind of an upfront quote, you can rest easy and determine if the work is of value to you. If it’s something new to us, then we’ll still make sure the situation is assessed and quoted prior to any work being performed. This serves to not only provide the most accurate and fair price but also as a comprehensive checkup that can help to identify other unseen or developing problems.

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