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Nine Indicators that Your Fuse Box Needs Maintenance

Your fuse box needs maintenance at some point. Every homeowner occasionally deals with the frustration of a blown fuse box, but multiple trips to the fuse box are no laughing matter, as that can be a sign it’s time for some serious electrical maintenance. Like any system, with age a fuse box breaks down, losing its efficiency, but also poses some serious safety hazards, such as electrical fires. If you’re experiencing multiple blown fuses, your fuse box is in need of some maintenance.

When Your Fuse Box Needs Maintenance

It might be easy to overlook a few electrical problems, but a damaged fuse box left untreated makes your life difficult and can result in some costly repairs. It can be tempting to try to fix the problem yourself, but unless you’re a licensed electrician, any fuse box maintenance or repairs, is best left to the professionals. Sometimes the trick is knowing when there is a problem with your fuse box. Luckily there are plenty of warning signs. Here are nine indicators a fuse box in need of maintenance.

  • Frequent blown fuses/tripped breakers. Your fuse box works to protect your wiring by shutting off the electrical supply when a circuit is overloaded, preventing your wires from overheating and starting a fire. Your fuse box may also be old, either way; your fuse box should only rarely trip if it’s functioning correctly.
  • Dimming and flickering lights. Light fixtures draw a small amount of power, which means dimming and flickering lights is rarely a problem caused by the fixture itself. Usually, the issue is appliances that are wired to the same circuit, are drawing more power to run. Multiple flickering lights, however, usually indicates a serious wiring problem. If your fuse box needs maintenance and the wiring is outdated, that means it can’t keep up with powering multiple appliances at once. Updating your fuse box or an entire house rewiring should solve the problem.
  • Hot or discolored outlets, cords, or plugs. Nothing electrical should ever be uncomfortably hot to the touch, and if it is, there’s a problem. Outlets that are uncomfortably hot to the touch could be an issue that something isn’t wired correctly and requires fuse box maintenance immediately.
  • Blown out light bulbs. If you notice you’re frequently switching out light bulbs, it might be an issue of cheap light bulbs or a loose wiring connection. Loose wiring connections cause the electricity flowing through it to arc, producing more heat which can cause the light bulb to blow. If you notice you’re changing light bulbs frequently, it’s time to contact an electrician.
  • Buzzing or sizzling sounds. Appliances can make sounds, but you shouldn’t hear anything coming out of your outlets. Electricity should naturally flow smoothly and quietly between connections. A loose prong, outlet, or fraying wire can all cause the electrical current to jump or arc, producing a buzzing sound. If you’re positive the buzzing is coming from your outlet, you need some fuse box maintenance immediately.
  • Arcs and sparks from plugging and unplugging an outlet. If you encounter any electrical sparks coming out of your outlet, contact an electrician immediately. Electrical shocks can be dangerous, especially if you leave any faulty wiring untreated.
  • Loose outlets. You notice if you have a loose outlet or not if you’re having trouble plugging appliances into it. Any electrical outlet can become loose over time, whether it’s from overuse or a poor installation. Loose outlets, however, are a safety hazard. When an outlet gets loose, the wiring inside emits heat and energy in the form an electrical arc which can melt plastic and metal and start a fire.
  • An electrical shock from plugging something in. If you feel a mild shock or tingle when touching an appliance, that’s another sign of faulty wiring. No matter how mild, you shouldn’t experience any shocking sensation when handling electronics. If you feel a shock, contact an electrician right away.
  • Burning odors. You shouldn’t hear anything coming out of your outlets, nor should you smell anything. Burning odors are never a good thing, especially if it’s coming from your outlets. If you notice an acrid smell coming from any of your outlets, that could indicate the start of an electrical fire and should be taken care of right away.

Don’t Leave Your House at Risk

A faulty fuse box is much more than an electrical nuisance; it’s a dangerous safety hazard. If you suspect something is wrong with your fuse box, then it’s time to have an electrician do a thorough inspection. Don’t wait until it’s too late. A licensed electrician can not only identify the problem, but they can offer you a fuse box that will best suit your needs.

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