Energy Efficient Upgrades

With today’s electricity demands reaching all-time highs, the importance for energy efficiency is more important than ever. Beyond just saving money, it can make for a safer environment, cleaner air quality, and more effective appliances. The experienced electricians at JDV Electric offer multiple services that can aid in minimizing both stress and budget, including:

Energy Efficiency Tips and Suggestions

At JDV, our priority is your safety and efficiency, even after our electricians are done with their job. That’s why we over several money-saving tips you can do at home to save money beyond our expert installations and adjustments:

HVAC: Having your climate control system maintained regularly means it doesn’t have to work as hard to heat and cool your home. In addition, insulation, ceiling fans, and properly sealed windows & doors help to keep air inside and circulating.

Appliances: Properly maintained and monitored electronics go a long way to shave down your utility costs. Unplugging unused appliances and using sleep mode whenever available will go a long way in adding savings.

Water: Washing with cold water whenever possible cuts down on energy costs consumed by your water heater. This is especially effective with electric water heaters. Reducing your water heater’s temperature also helps to reach maximum temp quicker.

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